Introduction to Still Lives

What is a still Life?

Art Terms



Color Scheme 


Environment/ Landscape 


Italian, born in 1571. Best known for paintings with dark lighting and dramatic scenes which are emblamatic of the baroque style.

Work 1:  Boy with a Basket of Fruit-Caravaggio, 1593

Work 2: Basket of Fruit, 1599

Work 3: Still Life with Fruit on a Stone Ledge, 1610

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What do you notice about the fruit?

Joseph Cornell

American, born in 1903.  Created thousands of mixed media sculptures using assemblage and found objects. 

Work 1:  Large Owl, 1948

Work 2: Butterfly Habitat, 1940

Work 3: Soap Bubble Set, 1963

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The Miniaturized Magic of Joseph Cornell

Andy Warhol

American, born in 1928.  Leading figure of the pop art movement, a return to representational art that used bold colors and hard edges. 

Work 1:  Campbell’s Soup Can

Work 2: Coca-Cola

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What do you think the meaning of this painting is?

Terrell Davis

American, born in 1998. Created digitally generated images of desktops. 

Work 1:  Untitled

Work 2:Untitled

Work 3: Untitled

Work 4: Untitled

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How to Set Up a Still Life

Drawing Exercise

Take 5 minutes to compose a still life and 10 minutes to draw one. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to share what you drew.