Write a Resume Using Google Docs 


What is a resume?

  • A document meant to show your work experience. 
  • Generally written using Google Drive or Microsoft Word.
  • Ideally 1  page.

Resume Basics

  • Contact Information 
  • Objective or Summary (Optional ) 
  • Education 
  • Work Experience 
  • Skills
  • Certifications
  • Honors, 
  • Volunteer Work
  • Foreign Languages

Required Sections 

  • Contact Information: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Website
  • Education: List most recent education first. Indicate majors/ areas of study and if degrees were completed. 
  • Work Experience: Ideally, list two most recent jobs. Three jobs can be listed if you need to fill space.
  • Skills: Commonly listed include Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Computer Programs, Social Media, Customer Service, Teamwork, Leadership, Bilingual

Additional Sections

  • Certifications and Licenses: Driver’s License, CPR
  • Honors and Awards: Education honors can be merged with the Education Section. Awards can include: Employee of the Month, 1st Place Prizes.
  • Volunteer Work: Not necessary to include volunteer title, do include years volunteered. 
  • Languages: Indicate Proficiency: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Full/ Native
  • Interests: Hobbies, sports, recreational activities, things you like to learn about.

What is an Objective/ Summary?

  • This section usually consists of 1-3 lines, and it’s below your contact information.
  • Important to include in resume if you have never had a job before, or little experience related in the job you are applying to.
  • Emphasize on your key qualifications, skills, and goals.

What do I do if I don’t have enough on my resume?

  • Volunteer
  • Learn a New Language 
  • Get a license/ certification: CPR, Forklift License, PERC Card, CNC Operation, software programs, coding 
  • Cover Letters: A motivational letter written to a potential employer, generally several paragraphs in length. Cover letters should show in depth knowledge of the company or organisation you are applying to.
  • CVs: This is a comprehensive list of all published works, exhibitions, conferences, awards, and honors a person has received. Nothing should be left out! The longer a CV is, the better. CVs are often needed for academic, artistic and creative jobs.

Online Job Searching 


Easy to apply.  Great for finding part time, gig jobs, or jobs at small businesses. Need to be careful, some postings are scams.


For very professional jobs. Need very specific qualifications.


Most commonly used. Some applications are very fast.


Other job sites/ job boards:





  • Resume Templates: Chronological, Combination, Functional, Military
  • Resume Help: Submit resume and receive feedback in 24 hours
  • Live Help: Can get immediate advice on resume’s and job searching in live chat. 


CPL Events


LinkedIn Learning


Watch an entire course or short individual video, bookmark courses that suit your interests

  • Looking for a new job? With LinkedIn Learning you can get the resume writing and interview skills you need. 
  • Are you looking to level up in your career? Expand your skills in courses like sales, marketing, graphic design, user experience, IT, human resources and project management.
  • Maybe you’re thinking of pursuing a new career path? Explore topics like personal branding, small business finance, freelancing and design thinking.


Google Docs

Google Docs 

  • Google Docs is similar to Microsoft Word, however Docs is free unlike Word.
  • If you already have a gmail account, you already have a google docs account. 
  • Google Docs is hosted on cloud storage and saves itself automatically. This makes it great for writing resumes because you cannot unintentionally lose the file.