Music and Audio Production Resource Guide

If you are an aspiring music producer or want to record a podcast, check out our curated collection of free tools, open source software, and learning resources.

Online tools

Make music online using a web browser!

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)

Recording studio multitracking software. Great for recording and editing podcasts.

  • Audacity (easy-to-use multitrack recorder)
  • Ardour (powerful, Pro-Tools style DAW)

Free DAW Tools & Plugins

Music Sequencers/Trackers

  • LMMS (FL Studio style sequencer)
  • Renoise (music tracker)

Modular synthesis

  • VCV Rack (powerful modular synth / eurorack simulator)

Music Notation software

Experimental Music Tools

  • Pure Data (patcher style visual programming language)
  • IanniX (a graphical open-source sequencer for digital art)
  • SPEAR (sinusoidal analysis/resynthesis)
  • ChucK (real-time music programming language)
  • Supercollider (music programming language)

Learning resources

Free audio/music libraries and sample packs

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